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Every year thousands of Americans face financial difficulties due to sudden and unexpected expenses. But the problem is that they have few places to turn to solve obtain the loan. That's where Castle Payday Installment Loans company comes in.

The online installment loan company offers solution for individuals that are in need of short-term credit. The company provides credit to people to fulfill their financial obligations. Borrowing from Castle Payday online company saves time and costs of individuals in obtaining money to meet life's essential expenses.

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Castle Payday Loan Application Process

Castle Payday loan application process is also very simple. Individuals can obtain loan in three easy steps.

  1. Apply for the loan.
  2. Wait for approval of the loan.
  3. Select the loan amount.

The required funds will be credited to the account within one business day of approval of the loan application and selecting the loan amount. A customer service represented calls the individual to verify the loan amount before crediting it in the bank account. Individuals can also call 1-888-945-2727 to expedite the process and verify the information.

Requirements to Obtain Loan from Castle Payday

There are no strict requirements for obtaining loans from Castle Payday. Individuals who want to obtain Castle payday loan must have a minimum income of $700 per month. The individual must also have a bank account and provide a valid phone number. Also, the individual applying for the loan amount must be above the age of 18 and a permanent resident of the US.

Low credit score, bounced checks, past credit history, bankruptcy and other credit problems do not carry much weight when making the application for payday loans.

Individuals fulfilling the minimum requirements are offered the loan amount within one business day of making the loan application.

Castle Payday does not offer rotating payday loans. This means that the loan amount do not renew during the end of the month. You cannot apply for a new loan until the existing loan balance is paid off. Moreover, Castle Payday may require verification of the loan amount if an application for the new loan is made three days after paying the existing loan.

Loan Application: Legal Status and Protection

Castle payday loan is not available in all states of the US. The states in which the loan is provided depend on legal status of the payday loan in the state. The Castle Payday is located in the federally recognized Tribal territory of Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.

The online payday lending company is setup by the Tribal Council that operates according to the Tribal law of the region. All transactions and communications regarding payday loans that is conducted through Castle Payday loan is deemed to have occurred in the Tribal land and is therefore governed by the laws of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians and the US federal laws. The laws of the state where the borrower resides do not apply regarding Castle Payday loans.